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Content is from the site's 2007-2008 archived pages  and other sources since the new owner of the domain believes in Michael Slawter's original mission.


New Editor's Note: Sometimes the most interesting stories about the makers of music have nothing to do with music.
CAse in point involves a band punished for what shows up in Google's search results. We've agreed no to mention the actual name to protect the members from more abuse. The band's name sounds Arabic & the word has a meaning in another language that some people relate to terrorism. But the name was chosen for its sound, not its meaning, yet a search for it in Google shows search results on page 1 revealing the supposed terrorism link. Once those results started showing up consistently, the band stopped getting calls to perform. So Google is actually complicit in the ending of this band's career. In case you didn't realize it, negative Google search results harm many innocents. There can be more to a band's name than meets the eye or Google's search results.

My kids' first serious music, that is music played loud and forever from behind shut bedroom doors were from the 90's. The '90s witnessed a new awakening in rock music market place. The glam metal scene, which dominated the '80s music industry, faded away as the grunge revolution came to prominence with such bands as Nirvana, Alice In Chains, U2, Green Day, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, R.E.M, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers & more. I think U2 was one of my favorites. We would listen to them on our lengthy summer road trips. And I must say, thanks to Youtube for giving us the ability to listen to any of these 90's bands whenever the mood strikes.

A couple of months ago I was playing U2 Greatest Hits - Best Songs Of U2 - U2 Full Album 2021 on Youtube while doing a search for cast iron cookware as a house gift to my youngest who had just purchased her first house with her partner. Both are cooks and I wanted something special, but practical. I came across, a cool niche site with the most visually arresting cast iron products I have ever seen. These are not your mother's or gramma's cast iron skillets- those solid black utilitarian cookware. The cast iron cookware from Nest are unique yet still practical. I'll give just one example. Their 9" cast iron skillet, probably the most valuable, most versatile, of frying pan sizes. The NestHomeware version is a beauty with the most noticeable differences from typical cast iron skillets are the smoothness of the cooking surface, the color of the cookware itself, and the design of the handles. The interior is machined smooth, which makes for an incredible cooking experience. Its handle captures the gesture of a branch from a cherry tree, abstracted into a form that's pleasing to the eyes and is ergonomically designed to fit both left or right handed cooks. The interior color is a lustrous bronzy hue. The color is a result of their seasoning process. NestHomeware pre-seasons all their cast iron cookware with two rounds of organic flaxseed oil at a temperature of 425º F, which gives the unique color. Apparently after a length of time using the cookware the color will change, deepening and darkening over time as layers of seasoning build, eventually reaching the rich black I associate with cast iron skillets. SO there I was listening to U2 and being uplifted by their music as I placed an order for a complete set of cookware: 2 cute 4.5" egg pan skillets, the 9" skillet, plus a dutch oven, and a 12" braising pan, plus lids.

Update: I visited my daughter and her partner. They prepared a wonderful meal using the NestHomeware cast iron cookware. They asked what type of music I would like listen to while we ate. U2 I said! They both smiled at my choice and so there we were listening to With or Without You, Beautiful Day, Ordinary Love, Stuck in a Moment... sharing a wonderful meal, served directly from the cookware. I think I will always associate U2 whenever I see that cookware from now on.


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Friday, March 12, 2010

This blog has moved !!

This blog is now located at

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NC Music History Dot Com made the top 100 Musicology Blogs by Distance

Music is something that nearly everyone knows about-but we don’t all take the initiative to really delve into the subject. These bloggers have, and they examine history, theory, criticism, and more, all relating to music. Read on, and you’ll find 100 of the best blogs covering the study of music today.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Post FINALLY!!!

Hi Everyone.

Wow I cannot believe its been since September that I posted a blog. Before that, it was sparse at best. That being said, I could sit here and give you a laundry list of excuses why I haven't added anything new lately. Bottom line is I don't have anything else to say. I busy from time to time and I things like that but I could find time to add stuff to the site. Problem is I don't know what to add. I asked in the past for people to send info which I will post, but now all I am asking is for people to send suggestions. I will make it my mission for the rest of the year to post one new band each month till 2009.

I am really proud of what has been is available already on this site and I want to keep it that way. Your comments are invaluable and I look forward to hearing from everyone. Just because I don't post, doesn't mean I am not here.

Your Fearless Leader...

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Penny Royalty - Static
from the cd Static - 2002

Back in 2001 Penny Royalty was blazing a new path through the then stale W-S music scene. They were a part of a handful of bands that were drawing attention to the W-S music scene once again. The band played blistering show even being voted Band of The Year in 2001 by the Winston-Salem Journal. Led by mastermind Ed Kinser, Penny Royalty recorded their one and only cd at Electromagnetic Radiation Recorders. Captured on that tape (yes tape, its an ADAT machine) was some of the roughest music W-S has seen in decades. Capturing the spirit of the MC5 and channeling it through the Nirvana generation Kinser, along with Shannon Murphy - drums and Eric Heinzman - bass, Penny Royalty seemed primed to make huge waves, sadly internal turmoil ripped the band apart. On a more recent note just weeks after the suicide of Sam Moss, Ed Kinser (a close friend of Sam's) now living in Texas decided to take his own life.

This cd is still in stock at CDbaby. Order it today!!!

Band Members:
Ed Kinser: Guitar, Vocals
Shannon Murphy: Drums
Eric Heinzman - Bass posted by Michael Slawter at

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sam Moss - Losin' Susan
previously unreleased

Today, a very sad thing was discovered. Sam Moss, a local presence in Winston-Salem took his own life. I, like everyone else who knew him, am a bit stunned. He was a big part of why I LOVE music. Sam owned THE guitar store in the triad. Sam Moss Guitars was in business for over 20 years. I bought my first guitar from him at the age of 14, and even spent some time working in the shop not to mention endless hours just hanging out and shooting the bull. I know that there are LOTS of folks that could say the same thing. Not only was Sam a great guitar store owner he was always a great guy and one helluva' player. As witnessed on this rare demo included with this post. Seeing Sam playing live was always a moment you didn't soon forget. A feeling that you were in the presence of greatness.

So to Sam I say KOTJ-MF!!! Thanks for all the wisdom you bestowed on me. You are missed already!

To see what Sam was up to most recently go here.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mike Greer - All I Need - 1973
from the Sugarbush lp - Between Two Worlds

As the story goes, Winston-Salem native Greer met South Carolina native Don Dixon their freshman year at UNC Chapel Hill. With the help of Greer's hometown pal Robert Kirkland and drummer Jimmy Glasgow they started Arrogance. Their first single released at the end of '69 "Black Death/An Estimation" was one of the first DIY releases and set the stage for such bands as Sneakers, H-Bombs, and later the dB's and Let's Active.

I'm not exactly sure of how it all went down but somehow Greer released this solo album in '73 with the help of his fellow Arrogance buddies along with Wes Locke and David Niblock.

Band Members:

Mike Greer - Guitars, Moog, Organ, Background Vocal
Robert Kirkland - Vocal
Wesley (Bobby) Locke - Drums
David Niblock - Bass
Don A. Dixon - Background Vocal

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Monday, April 30, 2007

mystery post of the week IV

Gravity's Pull - Haven't Done A Thing - 1994
from Screaming Goddess Records cd "Motorama"

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Monday, April 23, 2007

mystery post of the week III

Vertigo Joyride - You and Me Girl - 1994

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mystery post of the week II

Reverb-a-Ray - Don't Ask - 1994

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mystery post of week I

June - Bees in a Jar - 1994

June were a Chapel Hill band from ~1992 until 1996. Released 3 singles, the first two on Friction Media, a label founded by longtime WXYC staffer Bob Boster. The third single was on Squealer, the then-Virginia label run by Butch Lazorchak.

They were the subject of a minor major-label bidding war during 1994 & 1995, and wound up signing to Beggar's Banquet after a semi-successful trip to SXSW in 1995. They recorded their debut, "I Am Beautiful," over a period of several weeks in Nashville, released it in spring 1996, and broke up around a month later.

Original drummer Mathew Gross left the band before they signed to Beggar's Banquet. After grad school & travel, he reappeared on the national stage as the man who persuaded the Howard Dean campaign to start a blog. He's currently working as internet guru for the John Edwards campaign.

Replacement drummer John Howie Jr. currently leads his long-running country band the $2 Pistols in Chapel Hill.

Guitarist John Price is married & lives in Durham, I think. Guitarist Tricia Tuttle moved to London, where she is a journalist, film critic & festival programmer.

Bassist Andy Magowan is chef & co-owner of Piedmont restaurant,, in Durham. He can occasionally still be seen playing in local bands Malt Swagger & Erie Choir, though the restaurant is open 6 days a week & he seems to always be there.

Singer Kat Cook moved to LA, and last I heard she was in a pop band called Cucalorus.

This song, "Bees in a Jar," was from one of the 7" recording sessions, IIRC. I'm not at home & thus don't have access to my record collection, but I don't think it was on any of the singles. Was it on a compilation, like maybe one of those Record Exchange comps? Perhaps Michael will tell us where he got it.

Band Members:
Kat Cook - Vocals
John Price - Guitar
Tricia Tuttle - Guitar
Andy Magowan - Bass Guitar
Mathew Gross - Drummer

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fabulous Knobs - Don't Stop Now - 1981
from the Moonlight Records album - Hugs and Kisses

from Matt Barrett's Golden Age of North Carolina Music

In the early eighties The Fabulous Knobs were the Rolling Stones and The Dads were the Beatles.

The Fabulous Knobs were actually better than the Stones. This may raise some eyebrows. How can a band that had maybe one album, playing in bars in North Carolina be better than the Stones? First of all you have to take into consideration that the Stones themselves though musically competent, in their live performances rarely rise above the level of a good high-school rock band playing Stones covers. So musicianship alone puts the Knobs over the Stones hump which in baseball would be the equivalent of the Mendoza line. Where the Knobs left Mick and company in the dust was in the category of lead singer. Debra Demilo was like Mick with the voice of Aretha Franklin. So what happened to the Fabulous Knobs? Debra got married and moved to Indiana. Terry Anderson, David Enloe and Jack Cornell formed The Woods who became an area favorite and were imortalized when the Georgia Satellites were signed on the strength of Terry's song Battleship Chains which somehow found its way onto that band's demo. Terry still shows up with a band at the occasional Sparkle Fest where he thunders through his style of redneck pop with balls and humor.

Band Members:
Debra Demilo - Vocals
Terry Anderson - Drums, Vocals
Keith Taylor - Guitar, Vocals
David Enloe - Guitar, Vocals
Jack Cornell - Bass, Vocals

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Southern Culture on the Skids - Nashville Toupee - 1992
from the Plan 9/Caroline cd - For Lovers Only

from the web site

Southern Culture

Southern Culture on the Skids, the NC-based swamp-rock, trashabilly rock & roll trio whose odyssey started out with tiny clubs and DIY releases two decades back, just get better with age. Frontman Rick Miller is recognized as one of the finest players in the swamp/surf/rockabilly tradition, just ask any guitar geek, and on these nights he was playing like his soul was on the line. Bassist Mary Huff (she of the hi-style wighats) and stand-up drummer Dave Hartman (he of the “Mama Tried” t-shirt) are as solid and intuitive as any rhythm section in rock. With Doublewide and Live, SCOTS deliver a sweaty rock & roll party that fires on all cylinders, takes it into high gear and damn near jumps outta the speakers. This is what a live album is all about – capturing a band at the top of their game doing what they love in a place they call home.

Now with that in mind, pop a top and put on SCOTS’ latest, Doublewide and Live, and throw a party. That’s what SCOTS did - they threw one for 3 days in November 2004 at Chapel Hill’s Local 506. To record the revelry for posterity the band hauled in longtime co-producer Mark Williams and locked him up upstairs in a closet (aka "control room") and made him pay hi-fi attention to the lo-fi sounds blasting away downstairs. Each night had a different set list and a different crowd. The band played songs from each of their records going back to 1991's Too Much Pork through Ditch Diggin,' Dirt Track Date, Plastic Seat Sweat, Liquored Up and Lacquered Down and their latest, Mojo Box. All the spices and fine ingredients that make up the band’s musical stew are represented on Doublewide. When Rick yells out, "Come and get it!" at the top of the set, get ready to chow down on a heapin’ helping of the guitar-driven, swamp-rockin’, toe-suckin' geek-rock sounds that have made SCOTS a unique taste treat.

So there you have it, gentle reader, Doublewide and Live: the licks are sick, the crowd is wound and the band is tighter than Dick’s hatband. Instant dance party, all you gotta bring is your own drinks and cheese puffs …


Band Members:
Rick Miller - Guitar, Vocals
Mary Huff - Bass, Vocals
Dave Hartman - Drums, Vocals



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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Queen Sarah Saturday -Zoom - 1994
from the Thirsty Ear cd "Weave"/h3>

Queen Sarah Saturday

Formed in 1990 while its all members attended Northern High School, in Durham NC. Queen Sarah Saturday went on to release 2 EPs and the full-length "Weave". Since breaking up in the late 90s Johnny Irion married Sarah Lee Guthrie (daughter to Woody and grandaughter to Arlo) and tours with her. Zeke Hutchins was last seen drumming for Tift Merritt.

Band Members:
Johnny Irion - vocals, guitar
Ryan Pickett - guitar
Chris Hollaway - bass
Zeke Hutchins - drums

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Big Kids -Facing Out - 1989 from the cassette "Happy Kick & RIP"

Big Kids

It was Fall 1987 and all were students at UNC Greensboro. Britt 'Snuzz' Uzzell was playing guitar in the Sociopaths, and Jeff Carroll was playing guitar in Notes From a Strange Mailbag. With Notes on indefinite hiatus Uzzell & Carroll began cowriting. After a handful of songs emerged they recruited Mike Fowler (Sociopaths drummer) to start Big Kids. Shows and recordings followed. Eventually Fowler was replaced by former Notes drummer Eddie Walker. Walker left and the group dissolved after difficulty nailing down a suitable drummer. In late 1990 Big Kids reformed with Carroll, Uzzell & Walker only to break up again in 1991.

Snuzz and Eddie Walker went onto to form Bus Stop with Evan Olson (Notes From a Strange Mailbag and Majosha) and Chuck Folds (brother of Ben Folds). Snuzz is still recording as a solo artist.

Jeff went onto to form Jeff Carroll and The Desmonds. He is now a mastering engineer.

Band Members:
Snuzz: Bass, Vocals
Jeff Carroll: Guitar, Vocals
Eddie Walker: Drums

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Johnny Quest - The Heisman - 1992
from the Blue Dude cd "10 Million Summers"

Johnny Quest - The Heisman


Johnny Quest was a fun funk metal band from Raleigh, NC. They played a lot of shows in the late 80's/early 90's. They released "10 Million Summers" in 1992. Anyone who saw Johnny Quest will admit that they were a great live band.
Band Members:

Joe Farmer: Vocals
Jack Campbell: Bass, Backing Vocals
Bill Ladd: Guitar, Vocals
Steve Hill: Drums

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Butchwax - I'm Dangerous & Saturation Point - 1981
recorded live @ Silver Bullett Saloon February 8th 1981



Butchwax was formed in 1977. They made their stage debut in '79 and then suddenly fizzled in '83. They reformed in 2000 and recorded 32 demos. They played 5 shows and fizzled again. So endeth the lesson.

Band Members:
Mike Burnette - drums
Michael Dupree - guitar/vocals
Richard Martin - bass/vocals
Ron Taylor - vocals

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I got an email from a former NC native who suggested doing a similar site referring to show posters. One of the best I've seen so far is here:

If anyone has any others that they can scan in and send to me I'd be happy to create a gallery on the site to showcase these long lost artworks.


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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I wanted to mention that there are now well over 100 songs available on this blog. That's a heck of a lot of bands from NC, and I feel like we've barely scratched the surface.

There have been a lot of folks lately sending me anonymous thank you notes for creating this site. Well, thank you!!! It means a lot to me every time I get an email. I save ALL of them. Also, the stories that folks have written about these bands and the fact that so many musicians from these bands have written comments as well. Most of the bands have offered to send me even more songs that were never released or just lost to time, so that I can post them for you to hear. That is exactly why I started the site. So please send me ideas or postings, I can't do this by myself.

Today, I am posting three songs from the Didofare concert August 29,1998. This was a benefit honoring Sam Moss' late wife Diane (Dido) Foster Moss. A lot of great bands played that night and actually the benefit continued on for several more years, raising money and awareness for breast cancer research. Sam Moss is currently playing in the band <>The Sams with K.D. Rouse (see previous post 3/08/2006).

Peter Holsapple - Love Is For Lovers

Don Dixon - Heart In A Box

Mount Rushmore (featuring Don Dixon, Mitch Easter, Jon Heames, Peter Holsapple, and Sam Moss) - Time Has Come Today

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

4 Who Dared - Urine Trouble
from the lp "Kids With Dynamite"

After my post on the X-Teens, I was contacted by Todd Jones. He was nice enough to send a link to his current web site which has several mp3's available for download. Among those was this lost classic from the short-lived 4 Who Dared. You be the judge, but I think this is about as catchy as they come. Enjoy.

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Other Bright Colors - Incredible Shrinking Man /One of Us - 1987
from the previously unreleased lp "Drive In"


A few months back I posted a track from the one and only Other Bright Colors lp "Endlessly Rocks the Cradle". Through the greatness of the internet I was contacted by Joe Jaworski, drummer for OBC. Now living in Texas he filled me in on the fact that an entire record was recorded in the summer of 1987 with Mitch Easter at his Drive-In Studio. Joe was kind enough to send me a copy of this long lost record. I am extremely happy to post two songs from this record to share with you. As I hope you have realized, this is exactly why I started this blog. Thanks so much to Joe for allowing me to post this. We need more this folks.

Posted by Michael Slawter