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Friday, March 12, 2010

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NC Music History Dot Com made the top 100 Musicology Blogs by Distance

Music is something that nearly everyone knows about-but we don’t all take the initiative to really delve into the subject. These bloggers have, and they examine history, theory, criticism, and more, all relating to music. Read on, and you’ll find 100 of the best blogs covering the study of music today.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tobacco A Go Go Volume 3

Tobacco A Go Go Volume 3 - 1966 - 1968

This is a collection of songs from bands based in North Carolina. Some are fairly well known in the Garage rock circles and others were practically lost to the world for over 30 years. Please enjoy and by all means makes comments

CD Artwork (PDF document)

Words of Luv - I'd Have To Be Out Of My Mind

Scribes - Just Last Night

Tamrons - Wild Man

Soul Twisters - Soul Fever

18th Edition - Sundown

Shirley Hughey - Pink and Green

Nomads -Thoughts of a Madman

Rockets Combo - Topless a Go Go

King Bees - I Want Your Baby

Huns - You Know

Speckulations - Carol Carol

Fabulous Wunz - If I Cry

Jesters - Wrong Ticket

Psychotics - Im Determined

Huns -Shakedown

Psychotrons - Death is a Dream

Grifs - Catch A Ride

Counts IV - Spoonful

Grifs - Keep Dreamin'

Sounds Unlimited - Cool One

Inexpensive Handmake Look - What Good Is Up

18th Edition - 143rd Street

Thursday, June 19, 2008

YOU TELL ME VOL 2 - Battersea Park - TIme Again

Battersea Park - Time Again - from the 1991 compilation cd Self Recognition

Band Members:
William Dunevant: Guitar, Vocals
Randy Richarson: Vocals, Bass
Greg Howard: Acoustic Guitar
Bryan Smith: Drums

YOU TELL ME VOL 1 - The Johnsons - San Juan

The Johnsons - San Juan - from the 1995 cd Lazybones

Okay this is a virtual who's who of W-S music yet I have no specifics. I am not really friends with anyone other than Chris Ong and even he hasn't talked to me about the Johnsons.

Band Members:
Matt Smith: vocals, electric and acoustic guitar
Chris Ong: vocals, electric and acoustic guitar
Buck Turner: bass
Eric Lambe: drums
John Phiffner: lap steel
Darryl Jones: pedal steel
Cliff Retallick: organ
Johnny Rayne: organ and piano

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Penny Royalty - Static
from the cd Static - 2002

Back in 2001 Penny Royalty was blazing a new path through the then stale W-S music scene. They were a part of a handful of bands that were drawing attention to the W-S music scene once again. The band played blistering show even being voted Band of The Year in 2001 by the Winston-Salem Journal. Led by mastermind Ed Kinser, Penny Royalty recorded their one and only cd at Electromagnetic Radiation Recorders. Captured on that tape (yes tape, its an ADAT machine) was some of the roughest music W-S has seen in decades. Capturing the spirit of the MC5 and channeling it through the Nirvana generation Kinser, along with Shannon Murphy - drums and Eric Heinzman - bass, Penny Royalty seemed primed to make huge waves, sadly internal turmoil ripped the band apart. On a more recent note just weeks after the suicide of Sam Moss, Ed Kinser (a close friend of Sam's) now living in Texas decided to take his own life.

This cd is still in stock at CDbaby. Order it today!!!

Band Members:
Ed Kinser: Guitar, Vocals
Shannon Murphy: Drums
Eric Heinzman - Bass

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sam Moss - Losin' Susan
previously unreleased

Today, a very sad thing was discovered. Sam Moss, a local presence in Winston-Salem took his own life. I, like everyone else who knew him, am a bit stunned. He was a big part of why I LOVE music. Sam owned THE guitar store in the triad. Sam Moss Guitars was in business for over 20 years. I bought my first guitar from him at the age of 14, and even spent some time working in the shop not to mention endless hours just hanging out and shooting the bull. I know that there are LOTS of folks that could say the same thing. Not only was Sam a great guitar store owner he was always a great guy and one helluva' player. As witnessed on this rare demo included with this post. Seeing Sam playing live was always a moment you didn't soon forget. A feeling that you were in the presence of greatness.

So to Sam I say KOTJ-MF!!! Thanks for all the wisdom you bestowed on me. You are missed already!

To see what Sam was up to most recently go here.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mike Greer - All I Need - 1973
from the Sugarbush lp - Between Two Worlds

As the story goes, Winston-Salem native Greer met South Carolina native Don Dixon their freshman year at UNC Chapel Hill. With the help of Greer's hometown pal Robert Kirkland and drummer Jimmy Glasgow they started Arrogance. Their first single released at the end of '69 "Black Death/An Estimation" was one of the first DIY releases and set the stage for such bands as Sneakers, H-Bombs, and later the dB's and Let's Active.

I'm not exactly sure of how it all went down but somehow Greer released this solo album in '73 with the help of his fellow Arrogance buddies along with Wes Locke and David Niblock.

Band Members:

Mike Greer - Guitars, Moog, Organ, Background Vocal
Robert Kirkland - Vocal
Wesley (Bobby) Locke - Drums
David Niblock - Bass
Don A. Dixon - Background Vocal